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Baccarat & Andre Delatte. Baccaratpr


Fabulous pair of polychrome enamel vases by Baccarat c 6 inches tall, classic chinoiserie shape with rococo revival decoration c1885 Price £1695pr

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. Baccaratgallefish


Fabulous Uranium Glass Baccarat vase based on a Emile Galle design of a double fish/carp c1890 c 5 inches tall. Price £1,800

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratbouroise


Stunning pair of red on pale green gilded cameo 'water lily' vases c 1900 signed 'Bourgeois Depose' as they were made for Emile Bourgeois manager of the 'Grand Depot' possibly Frances poshest retailer c9 inches tall. £3,250pr

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. bacnap1


Important Baccarat original lead crystal cut 'Arcole' vase produced in 1904 -Part of the turn of the century Neoclassical revival and 100th anniversary of Napoleon becoming Emperor - This beautiful vase celebrates Napoleon's first important victory (the Battle of the Bridge at Arcole-1796) -the vase is deeply cut with French imperial 'empire revival' images -swags of leaves and flaming braziers. (click on image for 2nd view) Price £3,950

Nearly 100 years later this vase was reproduced by Baccarat in a limited edition of 100 -Baccarat only do a tiny number of such revivals and only do it for their finest and most important vases -This example offered here is not a reproduction - it is a rare original from 1904

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratcameo


Classic Baccarat red over clear cameo vase c 8 inches tall vase depicting slightly stylised chestnut branches c 1900. Price £750

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. Baccaratblue


Stunning blue on palest green/clear gilded cameo 'water lily' vases c 1900 signed 'Bourgeois Depose' made for Emile Bourgeois manager of the 'Grand Depot' possibly Frances poshest retailer c9 inches tall. Price £1,500

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccarat1


Rare near miniature polychrome vase by Baccarat c1860.c 7 inches tall. Price £295

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratintag1


Intaglio cut Baccarat vase c6 inches tall depicting scantily clad ladies feeding a ceremonial fire, c 1890. Price £750

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratstork


Stunning Aesthetic period 'rock crystal' style Baccarat intaglio cut vase c 1889 depicting an oriental view with a stork. Click on image for a view in different light (these are very beautiful but hard to photograph). Price £1,800

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. baccaratsespair


Stunning pair of Baccarat aesthetic period metal footed vases c1885 gilded and enamelled depicting bird and branches, Price £565 the pair.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delattecameo1

Andre Delatte

Stunning small purple on pale blue Andre Delatte cameo vase, signed, produced c1908, price £625.

Baccarat & Andre Delatte. delattedish

Andre Delatte

Another impressive art deco Andre Delatte acid cut back and enamelled tray c1920, signed, Matches box above. Price £240

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